Mauritian Mazavaroo

A recipe for Mazavaroo

When I visited Mauritius recently a friend there introduced me to Mazavaroo. There are a number of variations on the recipe but this is the one he eats on bread with breakfast each morning.

Its all about chilli – and it’s HOT !!! – Mazavaroo is in essence a chilli paste.

I ‘ll take you through the steps to make an amazing chilli paste which I use to spread on bread but you can also use to spice up your meals.

What you will need in terms of ingredients are;

  • chilli’s (1 kg green or red)
  • onion (1 medium size)
  • garlic (1 full head)
  • ginger (the size of a thumb)
  • a lemon
  • olive oil
  • a jar for storage

1. The first step is to chop the heads off the chilli’s and then chop them finely.

2. The next step is to chop up the onion, garlic and ginger.

3. And then likewise chop up the lemon, skin and all.

4. And now we are ready for the frying pan. We need to fry the ingredients to reduce the amount of liquid and let it steam off. We start with the onion for a couple of minutes, then the garlic for a few more minutes, then the ginger and finally the lemon.

5. Then at last we add the chilli. It should steam for some time, around 30 to 45 minutes depending on the chilli’s.

6. Once finished frying the water out of the mixture take the frying pan off the plate and let the mixture cool down. Once cool one then blends the mixture into a fine chilli paste.

7. Once the mixture has been thoroughly blended, take a jar, line it with olive oil, place the mixture inside, and the place a layer of olive oil along the surface of the paste and seal the jar. This should then last for months if kept refrigerated, and if you don’t consume it all too rapidly !

If you love the taste of chilli then you’ll love this mixed into your dishes such as pasta, or just have it on bread. I am a big fan of the taste of lemon and this certainly has a strong lemony flavour, the chilli taste lingers in one’s mouth for some time afterwards. Spread it with butter on french loaf and eat it on its own.

Enjoy !


One thought on “Mauritian Mazavaroo

  1. I tried this the other day and it was lovely.
    Really awakens the mouth and leave a lasting warmth while not being too hot.